Rewards for Referrals Program

Why You Should Participate?
  1. You get a free year's membership added onto your Premium Membership
  2. The Rewards for Referrals not only allows to keep yearly membership fees to a minimum, but it allows us to thank our members for the referral by adding a free year to their current membership for each referral.
How It Works?
  1. The person(s) signing up simply enters the referring person's name or user id into the referred by field on the Join form.
  2. Once the person has completely signed up (paid for a year), the referring person's account will be automatically credited with a free year. This "free year" will be added to the end of your current expiration date. You will see this free year added to your account in 3-7 business days.
  3. If the person forgets to fill in the referred by field on the Join form or if you do not see your account credited with the free year in 7 business days, simply use the feedback form on the main menu providing your name, user ID, issue and referred to person's name.
  4. You can accumulate multiple free years by referring multiple people.
  5. You can use our on-line form to send your friends information about or you can simply tell them about the site. Just mention to them to use your name in the referred by field on the Join form.
  1. The referred party must never have been a member of to qualify.
  2. The referring party must be a Premium Member.
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